What all teachers know

Let me tell you what all teachers know and never mention because it is so very obvious. Kids are kids.

Arun is uncertain, but nobody can do a sum in his head faster. He was stellar in primary school, but abstraction is hard.

Lena is two pages ahead of everybody, gets distracted and draws. She is so fast she sometimes skips the detail....

Eda has a hard time concentrating with a group around her, she can wear headphones and check in with me. She is also a huge anime fan, so I draw pictures on her.

Marijn has the worst handwriting and a really hard time getting his super-fast reasoning down on paper.

Rupert is working so hard to catch up and his parents are divorcing. Dad, does not give him a chance to do homework.

Maryam is devastated because her beloved great grandmother died. She can take her test later.

Gert dresses like "Off the Wall" Michael Jackson, down to the one fingerless glove and will drop mathematics as soon as he can, we are making sure he can maintain a 6.

These are real kids that I teach. They are various colours, genders and they have, as yet probably, no idea what kind of person they fall in love with. I give them hell if they do not do their homework and take a moment with them to listen, when stuff sucks, despite their best efforts.

Diversity is the state of nature. It is something an organisation has to actively work to avoid, it is part of what makes my job awesome. There is no need to "tolerate" or "encourage" diversity. It just turns up. You just need to accept that kids are kids and adults are just larger kids.