I have a dual relationship to GTD - I use it to keep my own world straight and I coach other people in implementing it too: I see it from both sides... Very often I find that things I picked up from David Allen's books or podcasts resonate with me straight away, but some things have to wait for me to rack up the appropriate experiences. Today the afterburner kicked in.
What's the afterburner? One of the things David says is that whenever you get to a certain level of productivity and clear your commitments, you will automatically find yourself graduating to taking on a new level of wierdness, incompletion and complexity. Today I found myself pounding from one meeting to the next, ripping through some Next Actions, finalizing a major product, clearing decks and I still ended the day with 30 new e-mails and a list as long as your arm.

It was a great day and I really "laid some track", but I also spawned some actions about speeding up my processing another notch. I already jacked up my typing speed once... Basically what David predicted has come to pass and when I look back I can see a few cases when I bit off a bigger bit, took on a bigger task and faced down a knottier problem than I would have dared to do a month ago. So it looks like the afterburner kicked in and I shall have to raise my game, again.

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