angry schoolgirl

Renata is a bit of a pest. You name it, she has a comment and a judgement that rubs Danny (smart, short-fuse) in the middle row the wrong way. Her snapping black eyes follow me and her sharp tongue is ready with a complaint if something in the lesson does not suit her view.

She scolded me roundly about the test: I had had it more than two weeks (marking really backed up something wicked) and Renata was not pleased with me. It was all the more annoying because she was right and I felt guilty about it, but I suppressed my irritation and after classes were over, finally got everything marked.

She had worked hard. The test had been laid out, diagrams and steps with painstaking precision. It beautiful and logical. She had obviously studied hard, so on the way home, groggy and slumped on the bus I bit the bullet and called her parents.

There is always a slight pause when teacher calls and I made it a little worse by starting with "Renata was rather cross with me today," but I hastened to add "and she was right. You should tell her, she got a 10 for her maths test". Her mother sighed with relief, "Thank goodness, she sets the bar so high and worries so much. Would you like to tell her yourself?"

So I did. I got to hear that sharp little voice soften with relief and swell with pride. Renata is hard on me, but harder on herself, so it looks like we both caught a break today.

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