That shall suffice...


The article I link to at the bottom states a profound truth (so read it), but to defuse the clickbait, the "Better Question" is "What struggle do you love?" because dreams that do not involve sustained, often painful, effort are just vacuous fantasies.

We all want to be rich, fit and famous, but only the people who actually LIKE making the harsh efforts involved in becoming those things get them. It is not just a matter of "wanting it enough" because that kind of determination or grit will last a month at best. Then you will no longer have the volition, the willpower to force yourself to stick with the strict diet, exercise regimen, painstaking political manoeuvring, massive work-week, or impoverished artistic struggle that your dream requires.

Only by liking the effort, by enjoying the process can you sustain it.

I like teaching. I even like the difficult classes. I enjoy battering against a sea of indifference and teenage cool. I enjoy hammering out a relationship with a volatile crowd of people who are not like me at all. I loathe the admin, but I stick with it because of the surrounding awesome.

Something in me persists despite failure, complaining parents, chaotic school environments, huge cultural adjustments and many, many hours of preparation, marking and administration. Sometimes I falter and doubt my vocation, but it always seems to bob to the surface and inspire me again.

Just that one moment when a troubled teenager feels a little more capable. That suffices.

It is really, really hard. But I like the struggle, so the vast wealth and fame of being a secondary school maths teacher shall be mine.

And that shall suffice.


You probably know to ask yourself, “What do I want?” Here’s a way better question


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