What I do

My mission is to use the GTD methodology to give people a handle on their work, to reduce stress and enable them to fully access their own skills and abilities.

My goal is to create a real behavioral change. Ideally, I train and coach people on-site, with the tools they are accustomed to using, in order to demonstrate how the principles apply to real work situations and create credibility.

To give a group a first impression of what Getting Things Done involves and some useful new behaviors I provide a one hour presentation, covering the basic concepts of GTD with a couple of simple exercises. This works well as a team-builder or as part of a departmental meeting.

To give a group the ability to apply the concepts of GTD to their own work I give half-day trainings for 5-10 people, generally focused on e-mail overload and burn-out prevention. This is an efficient way to train smaller teams in the basics of GTD without overloading their diarys.

To help someone get deeper into the useful behaviors GTD provides I provide individual coaching. This works well for people already familiar with the basic concepts but struggling with applying them in their own lives. This format enables me to delve into the systems an individual is currently using and diagnose difficulties and inefficiencies that are causing friction and loss of focus.